Our children ages 6-11 are in our main classroom. We keep them busy with many weekly activities to choose from along with planned curriculum.

Activities are based around the idea that we are creative and we use the laws of the universe to bring the invisible ideas into the physical world.

The children absolutely love “Surprise Science Sundays” where an experiment with a spiritual lesson is given.

The weekly activities are in alignment with a monthly theme. An example of this would be our February theme “Rainbows of love”. We made adorable love bugs out of sparkly colored pom poms with google eyes.

The lesson was to think of something that “bugs” us, then, to give whatever it was, our love somehow. They came up with incredible insights that both delighted and empowered them.

Our newest age group 11-14 is beginning at this time. It is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of co- creating, that which is wanted by those who are showing up.