Homage to Frank Richelieu—

The man who, in all seriousness, saved my life.

The year was 1978. The month and day I don’t recall but it was the singular most redefining moment of my life and has remained so to this day; it was when I first met Frank Richelieu via his television program “Living Ideas.” (*My accounting of the impact Frank Richelieu had on me is excerpted below from my book Your ReDefining Moments.) Not only was Frank my introduction to Religious Science he became my sponsor, advisor, and practitioner, ultimately installing me when our church was chartered. Years later he then ordained me, presented me with my doctorate…and officiated at my wedding. Suffice it to say Frank Richelieu was there for me. The truth is he saved my life—I would not be here today had he not shown up on the TV that night. No doubt, many of you old-timers in CSL will have a similar story. Frank was a force to be reckoned with and he created a huge ripple effect in our movement that continues today by virtue of his teachings, passion, students, and thousands of other people—including me.

Interesting footnote: Tomorrow, April 7th, 1985 will be the 35th anniversary of the church I founded in Simi Valley. I went there because Frank pulled me aside one Sunday morning and said, “Go to Simi Valley and start a church.” I immediately said, umm, no I don’t think so.” He leaned into me putting his finger directly on my heart, looked deeply in my eyes and said—as only Frank could do—“You never know, this could be God speaking to you right now.” That is the truth behind why the church is there to this day.

My heart is heavy today but it also soars with gratitude for Frank Richelieu. His essence will forever be deeply etched in my mind, heart, and soul. The world is a far better place today because of Frank AND Anita. They were an amazing team together. Blessings to the entire the Richelieu family and the Redondo CSL. You all remain in my prayers today.

Peace, Dennis Merritt Jones


“One night while sitting alone watching a baseball game on television, I began my normal ritual of channel surfing during the commercial break. On the very next channel, there appeared an impeccably dressed man, sitting calmly at a desk, talking about me! I don’t mean me personally, but he was speak- ing directly to me as if he knew exactly what I was going through at that moment. He hooked me, so I listened intently to the rest of his program. His name was Dr. Frank Richelieu, and the wisdom of his words penetrated every fiber of my being. I say this because, within the first ten minutes of listening to him, the fire within that had been consuming me was immediately extinguished. I was so inspired, I was on the phone the next day learning more about the teaching he espoused. It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. A teacher is one who inspires others to grow into their own full potential. I guess I was really ready for my teacher because in the years that followed, Dr. Richelieu would become my mentor and friend, guiding me to a new career and life that has led me to the path I walk today.




Frank Richelieu, you’re a marvel,
a truly special soul.

You’ve spread much love and beauty
in your time.

You’ve now been called to go to other worlds we know
where you will be a wonder
in your prime.

We’d say we’re gonna miss ya,
reach out to hug and kiss ya,

but there’s no need for us
to say goodbye.

With gentlest intentions we’ll slide through the dimensions
to share a laugh, a cheer or even sigh.
You now are light and free just as you’ve wished to be.
With grace and zest you’ll
dance a waltz and jig.

In love-swirls you will be.
Pastels you’ll hear and see.

Yes, Dr. Frank,
you’re on to something BIG.

With Happiness,
Marc and Gaylan Frederic
April 4, 2020

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Dr. Frank was very special to us both. He and Anita came to Evanston to ordain Elizabeth and put on a seminar. I’ll never forget the roaring close to his Asilomar talks.

Bill Arrott


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Dr. Frank was such a precious example and mentor to those of us who were blessed to be in his last ministerial class at the Redondo Beach Church Science that he and Anita taught together.  I know that his light will continue to radiate in whatever expression his soul determines.  With my eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with gratitude I recall the many ways he brought out the best in all of us.    I have a few very sweet photos of the two of us as he graciously installed me at New Beginning Church of Religious Science in Toledo Ohio in 1997.  I send my condolences, love and appreciation to Dr. Anita for her wisdom and grace and my gratitude for sharing this great soul with all of us for so many years.    Love,  Barb

Rev. Barb Walley

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Yes, I learned about Dr. Frank’s passing and experienced a tender and tearful moment, as I recalled so many precious memories, growing up in the Redondo Beach Church.  The beloved Richelieus arrived after my dear Barney (Earl D. Barnum) left, and our children were all about the same age. My Jeri Anne and their Laurie became good friends in our thriving Youth Group (led by Candy Jones, who became Dr. Candice Becket!)

It was Dr. Frank and Dr. Anita who encouraged me to candidate for the Alamo Church in 1976, and they always loved and supported me over the years.

My heart is holding this dear family so closely, and I join everyone in sending Dr. Frank off to his beautiful, new experience with great gratitude and love.

With love,


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Hello Dear Ones

Received this today and thought I would share it—blessings, Iris

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Hi All,

Just saw this on the Redondo Beach CSL Facebook page from Dr. Moira.


I came in to the teaching at Redondo Beach and had the great opportunity to study with both Dr. Frank & Dr. Anita. Two of the clearest ministers that I know – never wavering from principle! I was counseling with Dr. Frank one day and he looked at me and asked if I had thought about becoming a minister. I literally turned around because I thought surely there was someone else in the room he was talking to. He saw something in me long before I did, just as he did all life and I will be eternally grateful to him and Dr. Anita.

I got to see both of them for lunch a little over a year ago and they were still so clear, loving and graceful. I’ll miss him deeply and attempt to live more fully what he always molded with power.

Onward and upward my dear teacher, mentor and friend!