Our ministers and practitioners are the healing heart of our Center, trained and licensed through Centers for Spiritual Living, based in Golden, Colorado.  The training of Practitioners is extensive and is conducted over a period of at least 4 years, including internship. Practitioners are governed by a Code of Ethics and are under the supervision of the Senior Minister.

Licensed Practitioners are available for prayer treatment consultations.

The rates for using the professional service of a practitioner for prayer or spiritual counseling is set by each practitioner.  


Practitioner Team 

Annie Hofmann Donovan RScP     310-972-1828


       Maureen McKinney, RScP                310-373-7288


Marc Ruth, RScP                           310-819-2524


Monica Ruth, RScP                    310-292-7900


Bernice Slocovich, RScP                   310-938-1938


Elaine Yuzuki, RScP                   310-344-8143



Minister Practitioner

Dr. Moira Foxe                             310-540-5080


Rev. Katherine McKinney                 310-373-7288

Rev. Mary Morgan                 818-248-1182


Rev. Valerie Reeves                           714-357-2369


Rev. Cathie Sinfield                          310-376-4605