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Below is a letter, written by a person who was suffering greatly in her life. To read more about the prayerful works we do, click here.

Thank you in advance for your generous help.

I have been through a period of very serious illnesses.  With as little detail as possible, I can say I was in pain much of the time, my body was not working properly in many ways—I was under doctors’ care with hospitalization and procedures.  Throughout, I have continued to use my spiritual skills every day with prayer and affirmations.

Finally, one of my organs appeared to be not working and emergency surgery was required.  X-rays and Scans were taken.  Then something remarkable and phenomenal happened.  The last scan before the surgery showed that my organ was regenerating itself.  The doctors were and are amazed.

I believe that with all those years of listening and practicing and believing that my body can heal itself, my body has done just that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration.  I am so grateful for the Redondo Center, which has been truly a blessing in my life.