Community Outreach


To outreach into the community delivering the highest level of personal and quality care and involvement and to create a compassionate environment incorporating the core belief that goodness is created by the spirit within.

Call Center Office for contact information: 310.540.5080


Dial – A – Prayer

If you need Spiritual Upliftment, call dial-a-prayer anytime of day for short prayer treatments from our Spiritual Director, Dr. Moira Foxe. Messages are changed weekly. 310.540.5242

Healing Ministry

Prayer Treatment is the very heart of Science of Mind teaching. The Healing Ministry is here to serve you, our congregation, to pray for you through Spiritual Mind treatment. We commit ourselves to daily meditation and treatment in order that we remain conscious of the presence of God in all we think, say and do. We maintain an awareness of the Spiritual identity of every person. So if you have need of prayer to help you through trying times in health, finances, relationships, career or need greater peace of mind and connection to God, or support in your new adventures in life, please call on us for assistance. Every name is held strictly confidential.

Prayer Treatment through the Healing Ministry is available by:

  • Filling out the form located on the Healing Ministry box in the foyer and placing it in the box.
  • By calling our office at (310) 540-5080, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Sending a letter to the Center in care of the Healing Ministry with your request.

We look forward to serving you.

Know that the love of God is blessing you now.

Shared Bread: Mary Ann Amato. To collect funds, to provide 100 dinner entrees for needy at First United Methodist Church – R.B. 2nd Wednesdays of each month. Center announcement on 2ND Sunday.

RAINBOW SERVICES (SHELTERS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE): Every August we collect school supplies for needy children and deliver them to Rainbow Services to distribute to the children and their families.

ANGEL TREE: Practitioners coordinate the giving of Christmas gifts to 50 needy families.


SANCTUARY OF PEACE MINISTRIES: Dr. Moira Foxe, Rev. Louisa Gravelle, Krista Magidson, and Sally Patchen


We want our members to know that they are cherished and cared for even when they are not able to be at our services. This program embodies the act of giving to others in a deep and meaningful way.