hugyoungwomanandson Below are just a few of the letters and emails we receive weekly about how this Center and the teaching of the Science of Mind has improved their lives.

We are knowing that this is a sampling of the many, many miracles that happen throughout the globe.

Thank You in advance for generous support of the Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living. Without you, there wouldn’t be an us.




Thank you for helping me to become more involved in the Giving Program at the Center.  Without too much detail, I can say that through the Grace of God and the Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living, I have conquered my many fears and doubts of committing to a religious organization.  The truth is that the ministers and the staff have allowed me to evolve and to work through my issues so that I have become more aware of the Center’s purpose and mission.

Dr. Moira speaks of honoring presence, nurturing spirit and enriching my life—I believe I receive this.  I know I must set aside my ego and LIVE this.  I know I am drawn to this Center to gain a greater sense – awareness – connection – to the Almighty Spirit.


Please accept my pledge so that the Center – all of you – can continue to provide all of your services to our community.


With much Love-Anonymous


Dear Rev. Moira,


I am writing this letter at a moment of great joy. The joy comes from feeling that I have finally found some answers.


I have been coming to services off and on for several years. I often felt that I left with more questions than answers. Finally I decided to take some classes. I found it very helpful, even though I didn’t take the classes regularly. But even taking a class occasionally I found it helped me figure some things out.

I know that taking classes more regularly would be very helpful and I am telling myself to do that.


This letter is to say Thank You for your wonderful talks, the classes and all great people I see on Sunday. I want to say that if I can learn anyone can. Anonymous


Dear Dr. Moira,


I found myself in a position where I was working so hard to do well in my new job and to help other people. I was working diligently on behalf of others.


I wasn’t able to move forward, I wasn’t getting the responses I wanted. I realized was seeking approval from the outside. The results I wanted were never coming to me the way I was trying so hard to please.


I was miserable and ready to quit my job and even wrote out a letter of resignation. But writing the letter helped me to see what I needed to see. I realigned my intentions.


Only two months later I was given new responsibility. My job has transformed and become transformational for me. I applied Science of Mind principles and reaped results in a very short time. LR Thank you.


Dear Church,


My friend called and told me her grown son called her and said he was paralyzed. I started treating and called everyone I knew to treat and pray – including the Prayer Ministry.


The clot, that seemed to be causing the paralysis, started to disappear. The doctors could not figure it out. They kept him in the hospital running tests and they still couldn’t figure it out, how he healed so fast.


He went into the hospital on a Thursday and he was back at work the following Wednesday.


Prayer is the answer. KK