Sunday and Wednesday Services

Wendy Inspirational Service – 11:00 AM

The Joy-filled Service at 11:00 AM brings together music, Science of Mind lessons, and prayer in an uplifting atmosphere.

Each week we have gifted soloists that grace us with their soaring songs accompanied by our house musicians whose music and presence bring us the gift of music every week.

You’ll leave feeling inspired, uplifted, and ready to dive back into life with renewed creativity and enthusiasm. There is a special place for you in this service. Join us!




SanctuaryTransformation Service – Wednesdays, 11:00 AM

This casual service is a wonderful way to get your mid-week spiritual pick-me-up.

We begin with affirmative prayer and continue with an inspirational message chosen by our speaker of the week.

Wednesday is ideal for those who enjoy a deep spiritual learning. Questions are invited and answers are complete.

Join us on Wednesday mornings to see and hear the principles of Science of Mind offered in such an encouraging and moving style.