Our Center

Our Center

Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living

Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living began life in 1947 as Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science. It’s first services were held at the Masonic Temple at 116 Ruby Street in Redondo Beach. The church began with twelve members and a pastor named Dr. A Schultz.

In late 1948 Dr. Schultz moved to Los Angeles. The charter members interviewed a number of ministers as they searched for a pastor and finally selected Dr. Earl Barnham. They called him “Barney” and he was much loved by his congregation.

In 1961 the church moved to the present location on Knob Hill. The original building included what is now Richelieu Hall and the Kitchen. In those years, “Junior Church” was held in the kitchen and was quite crowded, so a new place for our children became a priority. The part of the building that is now our Youth Center was built onto the existing Hall, which was the Sanctuary, in early 1962.

It seemed sudden to the long time members, but “Barney” decided to retire. The church had a list of ministers coming to speak on Sundays, but when Dr. Barnham heard Rev. Frank Richelieu speak at the annual conference of Religious Science, he knew he wanted Frank Richelieu to replace him.

Under Frank and Anita Richelieu, beginning in 1962, the church on Knob Hill grew exponentially. Soon, the architect was called again to add more space onto the building. This time, Howard Van Huegulin and Frank Richelieu envisioned the church that is the landmark structure that it is today. The new part of the building, the current Sanctuary and offices, was opened in 1973.

The Co-Pastors Drs. Frank and Anita Richelieu served Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science for 38 years. They retired in October 2000. Drs. Frank and Anita found their own replacement years earlier in the person of Dr. Moira Foxe. She began her pastorship in October 2000. In 2008, the church celebrated sixty years as a chartered church, even though it was actually 61 years.

Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science has been a part of Religious Science International since 1954. The other part of the Religious Science teaching was called United Church of Religious Science. In 2008, both organizations made a formal commitment to reunite and to change their names to Centers for Spiritual Living. The union of the two organizations officially and legally happened in February 2012. Our church is now known as Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living.

In June 2011, a Montessori School opened within our Center building. The School completely renovated the Youth Center and uses that space on school days. We are blessed to share our space with such a wonderful organization.

Throughout its more than 65 years, our Center has been a Light in Redondo Beach, offering a philosophy that can change your life for the better. We offer all who come a welcoming presence, a loving church home, and a place to grow by learning about Science of Mind. Our Mission is to honor your presence, nurture your spirit and to enrich the lives of all we serve.